Mohawk artist - John Thomas

This week we had the great privilege shooting an interview of Mohawk painter and artist John Thomas in Cornwall, Ontario for Ontario Power Generation.  

John was commissioned last year by OPG to paint a mural celebrating the history and relationship of the Akwesasne people with the St Laurence river which drives the RH Saunders Generating Station.

Our assignment was to tell John's story and his process painting this beautiful mural depicting Akwesasne life and their relationship to the river.

While shooting various B roll segments John enthralled us with countless stories of the Akwesasne people, their beliefs, culture and respect for the land.  

We left Cornwall with not only great footage but an even greater gift from John of awareness of the profound spiritual connection and respect North America's Native people have with our world and their fundamentally sound values of how to live respectfully and sustainably on this planet


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