Constancia mining shoot, Peru

It was a great pleasure to once again travel to beautiful Peru to photograph the Constancia mine site now well under construction.  In addition to shooting stills we would be shooting B-Roll video footage where ever we could.  This obviously would involve carrying extra gear but with some creative packing and taking our light weight Profoto 600B heads we were in great shape.

After a 7 hour drive through the beautiful Peruvian landscape we arrived at the mine site around lunch time.  Situated at about 12 000 feet  the effects of the extreme altitude are immediatly  evident and ever present as you go about your work.  Sleeplessness, headaches and shortness of breath are common companions.

Despite the challenges of working at altitude we got some great photography and video shots.  Here are a few.

This image of Tomaz, a Peruvian farmer was shot outside his new home given to him by Hudbay mining.  We are proud to admit it won a CAPIC Xpose award recently.

Main crusher well under construction.

Assembling the Hitachi shovel

Thickener construction


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