Shooting Bobby Orr

Woke up today excited at the prospect of photographing hockey legend Bobby Orr for a magazine cover.  We packed our gear and headed out to our location, a conference room booked by the magazine at a Milton Holiday Inn Express.  Yes...  I was some what anxious as to what sort of background we might find to shoot in being a small hotel and my fear was rewarded when we walked into a beige meeting room with a floral red carpet.  Now what?

I had brought a grey seamless back drop with me as a back up but did not feel inspired with our first test shots. I took one final look at our beige cave and a corner of the room and window caught my eye from where we were set up for the seamless shot, I lensed it, took a test shot and liked the elements in the background a lot more.  Background to me is always important, its vital in setting the tone of a shot.  I knew we could light it beautifully, we just needed the right backdrop.  We quickly moved our set-up and arrived at a shot I was alot happier with.  I was just relishing the realization that we were ready 20 minutes ahead of our scheduled start time when Bobby Orr walked in, smiled, shook our hands and said " Yes I know, I'm early"  

We had him booked for 30 minutes so for a moment I thought, great, maybe we will get a bit more time with him.  NOT.  He put down some papers he had brought for his publicist, rubbed his hands together and said " Okay gentleman what are we doing?" I had barely finished explaining what we had planned, when he sat down in front of the camera and said " Okay lets go we have 10 minutes " ......

Yep, my 30 minutes was now 10 minutes .... okay... " Lets do this " I smiled, mustering up all my good attitude.  

Bobby was great, I must say, a really nice guy. 10 minutes is not a lot of time to do two set ups but I think we captured something special of a truly remarkable guy.


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