curve ball

Well we started todays editorial shoot with a plan but as it happens so often with location shooting... things change.  We had 3 shots planned for a US magazine one of them a cover.  Our subject was booked for 10am to 12pm, plenty of time, yes.  We would have 2 hours to shoot our cover and two inside shots in two different locations. We had scouted out our three shots quickly, shooting some reference shots and in my mind I had planned where the lights would move to once we finished the cover shot. Well as luck would have it he was delayed in a meeting until 10.30am and his assistant came out to inform me he had to be on an emergency client call at 11am ... SO ... 2 hours is now half an hour.  Hustle time...

I had set up with 2 battery powered Profoto 600B's, beautiful mobile little lights. All we had to do was lift up the stands, move, reposition the lights and shoot.  I split the time we had into 10 minutes per shot and shot accordingly.

Here are the results.  Pretty good for 30 minutes.


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