shooting under pressure

We recently had the pleasure of shooting David Mondragon CEO of Ford Canada for Costco magazine.  We did a technical scout before the shoot to determine potential shot angles and lighting requirements.  This was essential as we had to do 3 setups in the half hour of time we had with David.  Pretty tight considering one shot was a cover.

We arrived early on the day of the shoot knowing we had to have 3 set ups lit, locked down and ready to go.  Our set up went very smoothly, David arrived on time, well groomed and dressed and after a brief introduction and explanation as to what we would be requiring of him we went straight into the cover shot.  This being the most important shot I chose to do it first in case we ran into any time snags.  I could always improvise on the additional shots but not the cover.  With a little powder dusting and some tweaks we got David relaxed and settling into the cover shot with some direction on body and hand positions. I already knew what we were going for so it was just a question of making sure I left enough space for the magazines masthead as well as some type around the subject. Ten minutes later, a few camera variations and different body positions we had the cover in the bag and moved onto the second shot.

The second shot was a slight variation in position from the cover so that we could save time by not having to move too far from where were set up, yet get a different look.  A few small lighting adjustments and voila.  Another nice shot.

It was now 25 past the hour and we had about 5 minutes left to move, reconfigure and get the last shot.  While David went off to change his shirt on my suggestion, to change the shot up a little, we moved the camera and computer cart to our set at the opposite end of the room and by the time David returned we were ready. We started shooting, I waited for David to relax and feel more comfortable and then gave him some direction on hand and head positions.  Our 5 minutes were almost up, I checked with David who said not to worry he could spare another 5 minutes.  Bonus.  I took the camera off the tripod and went loose, moving around looking for the perfect angle.  I think we got it.

Great shoot, great subject.  David was a really nice guy and a pleasure to shoot.


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