heading to the airport

Wow I can't believe its time to go.  In less than 24 hours I will be in Africa again.

Selecting what equipment to take has been very hard for me as I love to work with a lot of gear. Its always a drag when an idea pops into your head but when you reach for the tool to make it happen its not there.  Guess I just don't like to compromise but I did  I have slimmed the gear down to a few choice lenses, 2 bodies and a whole lot of extra gear to shoot video.  Its amazing how much support, microphones, sound recorders and bits and pieces shooting video requires. I am hoping to shoot a short film while I am at the orphanage as well as some great stills.  All this in less than two days, what am I thinking.

Here are some test shots of a light tent we have built to help me shoot out in the open African sun.  It will diffuse the light for a more pleasing portrait.  Heather, my assistant put a lot of time into dismantling 2 small tents to use the parts to build our light tent with the help of some fabric we bought.

At least I will be setting it up in much warmer weather.  I think its going to work quite well.

Well off to finish final packing of gear and goodies.  Next post Tanzania,


Anonymous said…
You lucky dog!!
Glad you arrived safe and to amazing weather!
Keep the posts coming :-)

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