Arrived in sunny Tanzania

Just landed a few hours ago in the dark at Killimanjaro airport.  Its small and typical of many African airports, no ramps and walkways, just a set of worn stairs and a walk across the hot tarmac to the terminal.  Inside its a mad press on the visa window.  20 odd people elbowing forward under a slow moving ceiling fan, no lines or barriers, its Africa, every man for himself. The visa is a formality, fill in a form, pay $50 and off you go.  

I am staying overnight at the Kia lodge next to the airport as I leave tomorrow morning for Uganda.  Its dark and I am itching to see the landscape but I will have to wait until morning.  All I can see is bush and the pathway leading to my bungalow.  A tall Masai man is helping me to my room.  Already the smells and sounds of the African bush are filling my senses, the warm dusty air carries sweet bouganvillia scents and the darkness is alive with the sounds of frogs and crickets.

Woke this morning to the sounds of chirping birds and African sunshine peaking through my curtains.  I jumped out of bed almost forgetting to first part the mosquito net surrounding my bed, which reminded me to do a quick inventory of myself and to my surprise, no bites, excellent.

The gardens surrounding the lodge are just stunning, thorn trees, cactus and flowering vines infusing saturated colours into the dusty foliage.

After breakfast and a quick walk around the lodge I am off to pack up and head for the airport for my flight to Entebbe, Uganda where a driver will pick me up for the 5 hour drive to Kasese to the orphanage.


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